Happy Birthday: 25!

So, on this day twenty-five years ago, the cutest baby in the whole wide world was born. Without a doubt I was worth every agonizing minute I’m sure I caused my mother during labor. What can I say, I’m awesome!

For real though, today I turned 25 and it sort of makes me sad. This is the first time where I’ve really felt like I’m an adult. If I’m lucky, this is at least a third of my life and on one hand it seems to have taken forever to get this far, but on the other hand it’s like a flash of time. The last few years have been especially fast.

I’ve done a lot before 25 to be proud of. I mean, I have surrounded myself with awesome friends and an amazing family. I’ve bought a house, got a couple of pups and I know what I want to do in life even if I’m not sure quite how to get there, yet.

Joseph, always the amazing husband has made most of the past week all about me, the birthday girl. Sure, it’s a birthDAY but what fun is that?

Joseph has definitely spoiled me this year with a new office (pics to come soon!) a camera and an adorable camera bag to go along with it. Along with that he planned a get together with my family where we ate pulled pork (cooked slow and low all day long on the grill) and cake (thanks to Jasmine)!

It was clearly a B2BA birthday. Joe picked a theme and ran with it.

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