Traditions: 4th of July

I’m a fan of traditions. Always have been, always will be. There are certain things that I must do or eat at Christmas time so that it feels right. I always dye Easter Eggs with Sterling for Easter, ever since he was born. I set the table for Thanksgiving and have always enjoyed it even though the rest of the days of the year it was the worst chore ever.

One tradition that I loved as a child, but have had to give up now that I’m an adult, was how I spent Independence Day. As a young child, every year, we would go up to my mom’s parent’s house. I can’t remember much from before they built their house on the “farm” which was also on the “lake” (really a pond, but when you’re little huge bodies of water are lakes or oceans).

I loved this house. Both sets of my grandparents knew that a house wasn’t just a house it was a home and even though we couldn’t visit either set super often, they houses always felt like homes. The kitchen, dining room and living room were just one GIGANTIC room. They had a wonderful screened in porch and on Sunday’s Liz and I would get the comic section of the newspaper and sit out on it.

So, we would go to this amazing house and stay with my mother’s parents every fourth. On the opposite side of the lake from the house was the lake house. The neighborhood they were a part of would have a 4th of July party every year. It was often potluck style food but I didn’t care much about that. I enjoyed playing in the water, always wondering if I would have enough guts to swim out to the dock in the middle of the lake.

At night, a boy scout troupe, with the help of the fire department, would set off fireworks on the side of the lake that ran between the lake house and grandma & grandpa’s house. We had primo seats on the deck and it was one of my favorite parts of 4th of July.

As far back as I can remember, until they sold their house, that is where we would go every 4th of July. Sadly, both of my mother’s parent’s have passed on and that tradition has gone with them. I haven’t found a new tradition yet. It’s hard to find something that could live up to that many summer’s of fun. But, I have the memories of them, their home, the lake and all those summer’s to tide me over. I’ll just have to work extra hard  to figure out a 4th of July tradition that could live up to the ones I got to grow up with.


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