GuyTalk: 007 373 5963

For some reason, I’ve been reminiscing of old video games lately.  So, I felt the need to mention some of my favorites.

Bonus points if you can tell me what the subject line is from.  Don’t worry, I will tell you at the end of this post.  Now let me tell you about a time before $400 gaming systems and ‘downloadable content”.   A time when if the game didn’t work, you took it out and blew on it.

These were the simple days of 2 buttons and a directional pad.   And now a standard PS3 controller has 10 buttons, a directional pad, and 2 joysticks.  I miss the days of watching Zelda from above a little 8-bit block, or thinking the fact that you could change the radio in ‘Rad Racer’ was awesome (even though it wasn’t a real band or music you’d ever heard before).

Here is what I miss…

And of course… the Answer to question at the start.

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One response to “GuyTalk: 007 373 5963

  1. SeaBee

    I’m pretty sure that I know two of the three songs you could play on the Rad Racer “radio”: The Mission Impossible Theme & the Hawaii 5-O Theme.

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