Five Things Friday

1. My feelings of Obama aside… This has got to be the tackiest thing ever and would be regardless of what candidate is requesting this. For those of you wondering what you should get me for my upcoming birthday, this is not the answer. Stay klassy, Mr. President.

“Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.”

From the actual site itself and perhaps my favorite comment. Perhaps it is just because I live in the south, but it’s clear not everyone would appreciate that more than a gravy bowl. (And it’s a gravy boat… duh)

2. Apparently men sporting buns is a new fashion trend. Perhaps it’s from too many watchings of Mulan as a child, but I can’t really see this as very weird. However, calling it a “Man Bun” doesn’t make it any more masculine then when a girl in a tutu is sporting one.


4. Before everyone gets all up in arms about OBAMA trying to put his RFID chip in us as the MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!!, do your research.

5. Tune in Sunday for a new post to continue from yesterday’s My Happiness Project post. I’m personally very excited about this series.

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