Work it Wednesday: Building a Bed

A week or so ago, Joseph and I bought a new and fantastic mattress. We got a tempurpedic. I don’t believe I have ever had a new mattress, and definitely not as a real adult and Joseph’s mattress had lived through several drunk nights. Our current mattress was a hand me down from a co-worker when she and her husband upgrade to a king. This had enabled Joseph and I to upgrade from his crappy full to a queen, but it was still well used and on it’s last leg.

We were actually on a date when we decided to go into mattress firm and within minutes we were sold. Laying on the mattress was like sinking into heaven. So far though, we’ve only run into one problem. The new mattress and base was too big for our headboard! While the headboard needed some TLC to begin with, the mattress caused us to not be able to open the cubbies.

As you can see, the headboard is so short the decorative pillows are too tall for it! It made our bed look stumpy. Worst of all, even though the new mattress helped alleviate a lot of the squeaking, it still squeaked!

So, Sunday we headed to Ikea. We had actually gone to get a $5 lamp but that store just sucks you in. I mean, it doesn’t help that you have to walk through all the show rooms. I even tried to power walk through some of them since we were only there for a lamp. We get to the bedroom set ups and Joseph slows down. Then we start a second walk through of the bedrooms. We checked out all the beds, once, twice and a third time.

“Alright, if it will fit in the car, perhaps we can get one,” I told Joseph as I eyed the one he wanted to buy.

He had a hopeful look on his face, “Oh, I’ll make it fit.”

So, after a long wait in line and a cramped ride home (and a quick second trip when we realized a mile away from the store we forgot the support beam), we had a bunch of pieces to put together to build a bed frame. It took us a couple of hours of patient team work as we followed the picture instructions.

I’m not going to lie, I think it looks pretty awesome. Not a single squeak, creak or other noise is made when we get into bed. If only our sheets weren’t so bad. The one downside to this bed was that it blocked off part of the lettering to my saying, so it had to come down. šŸ˜¦ But now it has me rethinking the whole decor above our bed and maybe I’ll move to a print or a canvas.

(BTW, the comforter is Damask Stripe in Black. It is ridiculously heavy and warm and I highly recommend it to everyone.)

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