Best Friends, A Baby & a Home Office

This weekend I attended my first Gender Reveal Party. My best friend, Sarah, is pregnant with the last child she plans to birth and decided this time to have some fun. And, let me tell you that when she wants to be, she can be quite evil.

I went to a cigar store, the man behind the counter asked me, “What kind of cigars do you like?” I answered, “It’saBoys.”- Mitch Hedberg

So, on the way to this party, Joseph and I make a wager. If it’s a boy, like he guesses it will be we will fix up the man cave, but if it’s a girl like I’m hoping we will fix up my office. I really didn’t want to make this wager, I’m not the best loser when I actually care about the prize, but he seemed excited about it, so I went along with it.

So we go to this party and everyone is trying to get her to slip up and reveal the gender of the baby. She did an annoyingly good job of not slipping up. The plan was to reveal the gender by cutting a cake with either pink frosting for a girl or blue frosting for a boy, but first we had to eat dinner. I think everyone there wanted to just skip straight to dessert.

So, everyone eats dinner, although I’m sure there are a few people who really didn’t taste it as they tried to finish as quickly as possible. It was finally cake time. They get it out, everyone’s trying to see if there is even a HINT of pink or blue showing but to no avail. Each of her son’s is handed a butter knife and they cut a wedge into it…

And the crowd goes wild (Literally) when pink frosting appears, myself included. I cannot put into words how excited I am for my best friend, her husband and her family. She started with kids a little early, before I truly understood how amazing being a parent is (and let’s face it, I have no kids, so now I just understand it by proxy). So, when she was pregnant before it was all “Oh, yeah, baby… Have fun pushing that thing out.” Now that I get it a little more, it hits me a lot more personally. To say I’m ecstatic and excited for her is an understatement.

And, of course, now I get my office. Needless to say, the bestest is never one to disappoint! So that also helps a bit with the excitement and happiness. I’m not so sure Joseph had a clue to how much I wanted an office or how much thought I had put into it. So, expect to see these ideas come to life in my house and on my blog as I get to started on them.

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