Five Things Friday

1. So, I got my hair done last night. I cannot tell you enough how AMAZING a great haircut can make you feel. I left feeling like a brand new woman.

2. I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Although the book got a little repetitive, it got me thinking of how I could change my own life. I definitely have things that I could so easily change for the better with a little bit of focus.

3. Apparently there is a new threat ticks are spreading, an allergy to meat. Specifically in the bible belt and east coast. So far, after my tick bite, everything still seems honky dory when I eat a cheese burger but apparently not everyone is as lucky.

4. Super sweet story about a couple so in love they died holding hands. I’m a sap and totally teared up.

5. Even though The Spill Canvas has been my favorite band for FOREVER now, apparently I never trolled their youtube. This video cracks me up, especially considering the tone of most of their music.

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