Work it Wednesday: Light Fixture

So, this post has nothing to do with me “working it”, unless finding the idea on pinterest and forcing Joseph into manual labor counts.

Oh, and I made him walk around a giant house decorating superstore after we moved a friend into her apartment to find what we needed for the light fixture. And then later he had to go out to Home Depot to get a new light fixture so that what we wanted to do would fit in the proper area. Not to mention having to pick up paint and a light bulb as well.

Basically, this is how a real supervisor works it, she makes her minion do all the hard work. But, to be fair, I did the spray painting.

To get on with the story…

A few weeks ago, perhaps months at this point, I saw this adorable idea where someone removed their globe light fixture and replaced it with a decorative bird cage. I instantly fell in love with how it looked. Ever since we had moved into the house, I had been looking for the perfect fixture for our entry way and everything fell short.

I went on my hunt for a birdcage. I needed one that wouldn’t be too tall or too wide since our entry way is fairly narrow. I wanted something relatively simple and something that would allow easy access to change out the light bulb. Color didn’t matter much because I could just spray paint it. I looked every where and finally I found the perfect birdcage. All I had to do was remove the ball and handle from the top and paint it black.

Joseph really did all the work though. Our old fixture was a relatively wide circle. So, he had to go get something else so the base wouldn’t be too large for the birdcage. I’m not gonna lie, he got a little (or a lot) aggravated with installing the light fixture and bird cage. However, because he loves me and letting my visions come to life, he continued on until he got it hung just right. In fact, at one point it was a little crooked and I was a little worried about letting him know because it was rather aggravating for him. After a few minutes, I couldn’t help myself.

“Honey, perhaps if we just fix it right there,” I said, pointing from the couch.

I earned a look and a sigh, but like the great husband he is, Joseph got up and figured it out. So, really most credit goes to him. I simply found the idea and sprayed a little paint.

And I freaking LOVE it.


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2 responses to “Work it Wednesday: Light Fixture

  1. Beckie

    I love it too. Great job!!!

  2. It gives the room a certain look now. The ceiling lamp is awesome. I could see my new room too (after the renovation of course) having a new ceiling lamp like yours. Nice work.

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