Movie Monday: The Avengers

Joseph and I went to see The Avengers in 3d this weekend. It was great. It didn’t hurt that it was us and 2 other people in the whole theater. Or, that we got the best seats. And I stared at this for the entire movie:

When IronMan first came out, I was stubborn and refused to watch it. Joseph didn’t help matters any. Every time we would try and figure out what we wanted to watch he would suggest IronMan. It didn’t matter if I wanted to watch a comedy, a horror movie, a romance; he would suggest IronMan. I started refusing to watch IronMan out of principle.

However over the past two weeks, we watched both IronMan movies, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor to fully prepare me to see the Avengers.

And the movie was fantastic. The fight scenes were amazing. Every minute was compelling. Parts were particularly hilarious. Perhaps I’m just easy to impress (I am), but I thought it was a ridiculously entertaining movie that made me love all of the superheros even more. It even helped to give me some appreciation for Scarlett Johansson because she kicked major butt as Black Widow. In fact now I’m thinking they should come out with a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie just because those two are so awesome. Oh, and he is pretty as well:

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