GuyTalk: Man/Guy Card

This week while Mrs. B and I sat in our church’s Sunday School class, I revealed something about myself.  Almost immediately all the men, and most of the women began laughing and giving me a hard time.  While it’s not something I’m too ashamed of, I also usually don’t go around sharing it either.  But since it’s out there in our group of friends, I might as well share it for the rest of the B2BA world as well…

I’m a fan of Glee and Smash


So, now you can understand why they ridiculed me (I didn’t take offense as it was all done if good fun). During the time that everyone was heckling me for watching these musical wonderments of television, someone announced “Joe, you just lost your Guy Card”


While, I will say that I’m fairly certain, as a Bragg male, that I lost my ‘Guy Card’ years ago(It seems all the Bragg Men have ‘girlie’ moments);  it’s never fun to have the man card revoked again.  For some reason men, while the card is imaginary, place a lot of emphasis on keeping (or at least calling out their friends for losing) their Guy-Card.

For those of you reading this that want to know some ways that you can lose your Man Card, here is a small list:

–          Admit to watching Glee

–          Comment on someone’s shoes

–          Allow the words ‘Celine Dion’ and ‘amazing’ in the same sentence

–          Relinquishing the remote control to your wife/girlfriend

–          Being a Vegetarian

In the end, if a guy gets mad for you revoking his Man Card, then obviously he’s not too comfortable with who he is.   It’s really just a way for men to dig, jab, and mock their friends.

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  1. I Love Glee and SMASH! : )

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