Cleaning Out My Closet: Lesson & Revelation

I got a push of motivation this weekend to declutter my clothes. My plan had actually been to take a nap but once my mind is set on something, it won’t shut up until I comply. I started off with my dresser, going through my workout, pajamas and tank top drawers. I got rid of clothes that didn’t fit, I never wore or that I just didn’t like. Throwing them in a pile to take to goodwill because I’m sure there is someone out there that would like them.

I moved on to the closet, also pulling out the clothes that I didn’t like or no longer wore. Adding to the pile of clothes to donate, I emptied many coat hangers of things that I couldn’t recall why I was keeping them around. I felt accomplished and happy. I had a huge bag of clothes that were still in great condition to donate and a slightly less cluttered closet.

With that task complete, I decided to try for that nap. After what felt like about 5 minutes (probably more like two), I got up again, still not satisfied with my work. I re-entered the closet with a different eye on my clothes. I pulled out everything that didn’t actually fit because it was too small. Out of those clothes, I sorted them into two piles, “Could fit soon” and “You’re kidding me, right?”

It was actually a very depressing exercise because I got to look at all these cute clothes that are just *tiny*. You know, from those days where I thought I was fat. Yeah, fun times.

The clothes that would fit, probably, soon, I stored in my hope chest (ironic name) that lives at the foot of our bed and the rest went into a Rubbermaid container to live upstairs.

My lesson: It really IS easier to pick out clothes when the only thing in your closet are things you would wear right at this minute. This morning I woke up and picked out an outfit with no stress, no rushing to try and find a shirt that I didn’t totally hate.

My revelation: I had hung on to somethings for far too long, simply because I hadn’t taken the time to go through my clothes. All it took was about half an hour and I had a less cluttered closet, drawers in a dresser that would actually close and a huge write off. And although it was depressing to have to admit “this totally adorable sweater no longer fits”, at least now it isn’t sitting in my closet taunting me. I’ll see it again, eventually!

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