Five Things Friday

1. I need one of my lady friends to go see this with me in a few weeks when it comes out

2. Joseph and I have been watching all the movies that lead up the The Avengers, so hopefully this weekend I’ll get to see some of this:

3.Interesting article on Math & Obesity Here

4.I’ve noticed this trend on facebook with liking pictures accompanied with text :“Like if you believe in God and are going to heaven. Ignore for hell.” “Like to say a prayer for this (abused, dying, premie) child, ignore if you want them to die”. Or this one (which isn’t as bad as most I’ve seen):

It’s called using you so they can make themselves “Facebook popular”. The fact that it’s written in such a way so that if you don’t “like” it then you clearly love bullying, are ashamed of Jesus and going to Hell or want the poor, abused child to die is just extra annoying and offensive. How about for real life problems, we put forth real life effort, say an actual prayer, donate time or money, etc.

5. And with that rant done; Have a good weekend!

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