Cross Fit

So I’ve been a browser of the cross website for a very long time. In all that time I’ve done 1 work outs of the day (WOD) and I couldn’t even complete it. But, I know that cross fit is a pretty awesome way to get some great workouts in, especially with muscle confusion.

My brother-in-law, Stephen and his wife started cross fitting a few weeks ago. And man are they annoyingly dedicated to it (and I mean that in a nice/envious way). They’ve actually stuck with it. Enough to make me think, “Okay, sure I might die, but it just might be worth it.”

Of course if Joseph and I had done our first Cross Fit WOD yesterday, I might not think that since it was ridiculous (as most are) since it was Three rounds for time of: Run 800 meters 50 Back Extensions 50 Sit-ups. Ugh, working out. However, today it seemed just a little bit less “I’m going to puke from working out so hard” since it was: Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps. Since I have weak arms (rather weak legs too thanks to the stupid ankle injury) I started off with just the weight bar, which is 45lbs. But since you are supposed to do as heavy as you can while still keeping form, I know that simply wasn’t enough. So, Joseph threw an 11 lb weight on either side taking me up to 67lbs.

I can tell you, firstly from raising the bar into position, my arms hurt. Secondly my thighs, oh, they are feeling the squats. We went for a neighborhood walk and going up the slight hill they protested harshly

Basically: I survived my first cross fit! And will probably do it again, hopefully soon!

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