Work it Wednesday: Painting the Laundry Room

As I’m sure you people picked up on a couple of weeks ago, laundry is not my favorite chore. Although to be fair, that could be said for any household chore. But, having an ugly laundry room makes it even worse.

Call me crazy, but I like pretty spaces, even if they are ones people don’t necessarily always see. So while, a lot of people probably wouldn’t paint their laundry room, I did. And sad enough for our bank account (and perhaps Joseph), it’s only the first step in a long list of things to do in there. Of course, I’ll have to exercise some patience for the next steps as we have other, more important things to purchase and save for.

If you ask Joseph, he will claim he did most of the work painting, but that is simply not true. I painted HALF of that room if not more by myself, so don’t let his deceit fool you! It was a team effort cause I’m a shorty and I hate having to climb up and down stupid ladders just to get the top.

Wall Color: Behr-Teal Ice

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