Tasty Tuesday: Chicken Salad

I can be a bit snobby about food at times. There are certain foods that I refuse to eat because they simply don’t reheat well. Chicken is one of those foods. You simply can’t reheat it and it still taste good unless it is in a soup or casserole where it has other elements to give it moisture.

However, when I have leftover chicken (or when I purposely made too much) I’ll turn it into chicken salad. The great thing about chicken salad is how versatile it is. It’s basically a blank slate where you can add your own favorite flavors and ingredients.  It’s literally a dish that you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you want depending on what you use to bind it together and how much. While a lot of places use too much mayo and it often times is sort of goopy, you really only need enough to hold everything together and give it flavor.

This is one of my favorite ways to make it and a lot of it is eyeballing the ingredients. It is relatively plain and simple but still delicious. Best of all, it is quick to make so I don’t have to spend a ton of time making lunch for Joseph and I to eat during the week.

Chicken Salad

Pre-Cooked Chicken (Grilled, roasted, pan fried. I’ve even used breaded chicken, it’s still good)
Green Onions
Low Fat Greek Yogurt
Low Fat Mayo
Salt & Pepper & other seasonings. I use Cajun as well because Joseph loves it.

Dice or shred up your chicken into bite sized pieces. Dice celery and green onions and combine with chicken in a bowl.

Add in some Greek Yogurt and Light Mayo. I like to use a 1:1 ratio for each but adjust to your tastes. When you’re content with the ratio of wet & dry ingredients, season it well. Give it a taste, make sure you’re content with the awesomeness before throwing it on some toast or over a salad.

Other fun mixins for chicken salad: Sour cream, grapes, bananas, red or yellow onion, corn & black beans (for a tex-mex flair) and whatever else you have to throw in that you enjoy. See, it’s a total blank slate!

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  1. rochelle

    this sounds super-yummy!!!

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