A Living Legacy

During the 3 hour drive on the way home from Lance’s funeral, Joseph and I got to talking about what would happen if one of us died. Who would show up? What would be said? What sort of legacy would be left behind? And, what do I need to change about myself to change the outcomes to the previous questions?

How can I better myself? It’s a question I ask myself often but just as often I ignore the obvious answers because it’s harder to better yourself. I want to be nicer, friendlier, better read. The list continues on and on, all these things I want more of or could be better at. But, most of those don’t matter.

I have some of the best role models in my life that a girl could ever ask for. Role models who show me how to act and treat people. I have people in my life who are amazing and awesome people and it comes naturally to them because they are beautiful inside and out.

So that’s what I learned and that’s my goal. I want to have that sort of beauty that simply comes from the inside and it lights up everyone around me, as cheesy as that sounds. I want to live a life that leaves behind a legacy to be proud of. I want to inspire my friends and family the same way they inspire me each and every day to be more than who I am, not because I’m not enough already but because there’s so much more I could be.

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