Work it Wednesday: Painting the Bathroom

So, while I’m sure Joseph would have loved to laze around all weekend, playing video games and watching stupid movies (like Joe Dirt, sigh), instead he was put to work. For a couple of months now, I’ve been wanting to paint our bathroom. Our bedroom as the first thing we painted; a nice and stormy dark grey that goes well with our black comforter (which is seriously the warmest and most comfortable thing ever!) and our touches of yellow. Grey was, seriously, the easiest color in the world to pick out. As oppose to the green in the living room where we got sample after sample, we only got one grey sample, slapped it on before declaring it perfect.

For our bathroom we were even crazier. Joseph and I didn’t even bother to get a paint sample, we found a shade that was lighter but in the same grey family as our bedroom and bought a gallon to slap up on the walls. I got busy taping off the tub, shower, mirror and anything else that needed extra protection while painting. Just as I finished changing into my painting clothes, Joseph uttered the most wonderful sentence ever:

“Hey sweetheart, I got this. Why don’t you go watch tv or something.”

*Swoon* And he practically forced me OUT of the bathroom. I felt guilty for not doing anything so I actually went grocery shopping. Alone. Which is a big deal because I hate grocery shopping and I have absolutely no patience for people in my way and inevitably there is always someone there blocking what I need with their carts while they mindlessly check food labels.

Anyways, that was all a long winded way to say

Joseph is awesome and painted our bathroom an awesome grey!

But enough words, the proof is in the pictures after all!

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