Five Things Friday

    1. So, my favorite band of ALL TIME dropped a new album on Tuesday. Everyone should check it out and perhaps purchase. I’ve loved them since high school and they have gotten me through SO MANY things. Although a lot of their songs aren’t necessarily about happy topics but they just make me happy. Check out The Spill Canvas and their new album Gestalt

    2. I also want to throw out a shout out to my friend’s kickstarter. They are trying to raise some money for Girls of the Con, who puts out a calendar every year. The goal is to raise enough so they can really step up the quality of their calendar. If you are interested in donating, you can check it out here, or even just check out pictures of past girls.
    3. Today was Joe’s last day. After Memorial weekend he will be starting at his new job. To celebrate we went to Mexican and then got cupcakes! We also bunnied his cube, there is a story behind it, perhaps he will share it with everyone one day.
    4. Best Pin Ever:
    5. Have a good Memorial Day weekend. If you’re lucky, like me, you have Monday off! Have fun but don’t forget the reason behind the holiday.

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