How to be Friends with a Pale Person During Summer

It is inevitable, every single summer, people who have known me for at least a summer and typically more than one, will make sure to comment on the paleness of my skin.

And not in a super nice, “Wow, what beautiful, fair and creamy skin you have.”

No, it’s typically more “OMG You are so pale. Ugh.”

Guys, I get it, I’m pale. I know and accept this fact. But, it’s not fun to be made to feel like a freak because I have fair skin and cannot tan. Trust me, I turn red. I either sunburn and lobster up, or I get just enough tan and it’s still red. I don’t even bother to try. I like to sunscreen & sunblock up. Seriously, spray me down, I’ll reapply every hour on the hour. I’ll go to the beach and come back just as fair skinned as before but a tad bit more freckled.

You can even use me to make yourself feel more tan. I don’t mind, let’s compare arms, legs, whatever and you’ll always be more tan then me. It’s a fun game for me too, I can laugh about it, I can boost your ego. But, I can’t tan.

So, just remember, if you have a pale friend in your life, and come spring and summer and they start wearing skirts and dresses, they already know they are pale. You don’t have to let them know that fact like it’s a huge physical ailment because it’s the first time you’ve seen their white legs that match their white arms.

And, if you really love them, you’ll bring the backup sunscreen for when they inevitably run through the ten bottles they have!

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One response to “How to be Friends with a Pale Person During Summer

  1. I’m with you on this one. DBF is ALWAYS tan and keeps telling me how pale I am.

    Maybe you should vacation in northern Europe! I go to Denmark for a summer and I come home with a great tan! In the states though? I’m as red as the Target logo.

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