Work It Wednesday: Living Room Painting

Man, can I be annoying sometimes. Joseph can especially attest to that fact, I can promise you that. Iā€™m especially annoying when I get an idea stuck on my head and I have yet to figure out how I want to execute it.

So, a few months(?) ago when I decided it was time to finally paint the living room and I wanted green, we went on the hunt. HOLY COW people, there are so many greens. Each green we tried was too dark, too light, reminded me of the color we have at work, looked like Easter threw up. And with each color we tried, our wall started to look like it was trying to camouflage itself. I should have taken a color test picture with all our colors, but only thought of it right now.

Anyways, after a couple of months of trying to find the perfect green, I turned to my pinterest where I had pinned quite a few green rooms. I ran across a picture I had pinned a long time ago where the girl actually gave up the color she used.

We started off just painting the entry way. The color in the paint can looks horrible, and the little splotch they put on the lid to prove they are giving you the proper color looked like straight up butt. But, we painted the entry way anyways, or rather Joseph did. And we waited and waited. Then it dried and it was beautiful and perfect and looks amazing in our lights. Finally, FINALLY I found my color.

Asparagus by Behr

So, this weekend we slapped it on the walls and I have the pictures to prove it:

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