Surprising Thursday

Joseph, being the tech geek that he is, has had his eye on this specific scale. I mean, sure we have a dingy white scale in our bathroom and at one time we had a cheerful wiifit to happily let us know “you are overweight”. But, Joseph, having recently jumped on the fitbit wagon had fallen in love with their “Aria” scale. It connects to wifi, measures your body fat % and automatically updates it all with your fitbit account.

No chance of stepping on the scale, deciding that number sucks and pretending like it doesn’t exist.

Well, Joseph, being super awesome, went on a interview for a new job. Last Thursday he got the call, the official offer for the job. It’s, hopefully, a great move to Joseph and I couldn’t be more proud of him and excited for him. I had offered to buy him a laptop to celebrate since the only thing he has is his work appointed one, and he would be losing that soon. He passed up that offer, so instead I broke our financial rule and ordered the Aria Scale.

One financial rule we have is no big purchases without approving it with the other.

The scale was delivered today and I was like a gleeful child as I waited until we got home so he could open it. For the first time ever, he hadn’t guessed what he present was and I hadn’t given it up. It was a total surprise and one I knew he would enjoy. The box came in a plain cardboard box and the only thing that gave it away was the “from” shipping label.

So, the past two weeks have been rather surprising for us, but in a good way.

1. Last Thursday he got a new job offer, of which I’m very proud of him. It’s an exciting opportunity.

2. I managed to surprise him with a new and dorky present he had wanted.

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