Working Out is Hard to Do

Over a year ago, just over a year ago, I still had two coworkers in the office with me who, for whatever reason, really inspired me to workout. They are both confident, beautiful women, who just clicked with me in a working out way. We would walk around a neighborhood behind the building at work, with horrendous hills that one of the girls would run up and back down because we weren’t hurrying quite as good as her.

The other one, she and I did Zumba DVDs with the dorky instructor, enjoying laughing at ourselves and him as we got our sweat on. Or, she’d elliptical while I C25K. The majority of the week though, I’d get a lunch workout in with one of them. For whatever reason they really inspired me to workout. Although we weren’t necessarily on the same workout level, we paced with each other really well. I might not want to run up the horrendous hill but she was more than happy to run back down and go up again.

Well, in the span of a month, one girl moved to Arizona for love (awwww!) and the other moved to Florida and for whatever reason, with them went my motivation to really work out. I’ve worked out with Joseph and a couple of other people, and I actually get a pretty good workout in with my sister in law but I don’t have the same committed, every day workout partners that I had. And, I know I can get a great workout all by myself, but it’s much harder when I don’t have people relying on me to show up with workout bag in hand.

Soon, I’ll pretty much just be me working on during lunch. Joseph will be unavailable and my best workout pals are still in Arizona and Florida (and trust me, I miss them for more reasons then just working out!) so I’m determined to really push myself to get back into working out. But, they taught me how beneficial it is to really have a couple of good girl friends who are willing to go your speed and hold you accountable. Too bad, more people aren’t willing to get red faced and sweaty over a work lunch hour. I miss my girls but I know that their moves were best for them.

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  1. Dani

    You are going to make me cry!!! At least u made me do stuff!!! I am soooo lazy here and don’t want to do anything!!! Miss u!!!

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