Work it Wednesday: Tackling the Laundry Room

Okay guys, this is going to be a very embarrassing confession. But, for the almost year we’ve lived in this house, I’m not sure I’ve really cleaned out our laundry room, including sweeping and/or mopping.

Embarrassing right?

What’s even worse is the picture you’re about to see. And, to be totally honest, this is AFTER I removed the huge pile of clean clothes because I folded and hung them up. I’m telling you guys: Em-Barras-Ing!

Ok, guys, promise you still love me? I know, it’s a for real mess. And the really scary thing is, this doesn’t show all of the mess, notice there is only ONE angle, nor the mess of a shelf above the washer and dryer. It was bad. But, it also wasn’t that bad to clean up. If I were a faster and/or more focused while cleaning it wouldn’t have taken barely any time to actually clean this up. A trash bag, full hamper and some help from Joseph, we got this room cleaned up in no time.

Isn’t it beautiful, and organized and so spacious looking? Perhaps an hour of work, *if* that and it was wonderful again.

Now, the real confession: I only cleaned it because I wanted a “clean slate” so that I could plan what I wanted to do with my laundry room. The walls need to be painted, boo to builder beige. I need better shelving, iron & ironing board storage (Which, I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear, are currently set up in the bedroom but NEED to be put away.) and a solution for my brooms/mops etc. Joseph is probably going to build me some shelves to go in that big empty area by the washer, or possibly cubbies for laundry baskets so we can sort by colors before washing them. (Surprise, surprise, I’m lazy about that as well.)

I also will be buying some glass bottles for the laundry detergent and fabric softener I plan to buy. I’m trying to turn into Susie Homemaker, clearly. And perhaps, one day, Joe and I can take the leap into a new set of front loading washer & dryers (perhaps in blue?)

So, you guys have learned my dirty little secret: Sometimes I’m not the neatest. Of course, my mother’s known this for years, but I’m trying to improve. Perhaps more embarrassing photos like above, and it will work!

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