Twilight Zone Recap

It has been a crazy/stressful/sad couple of weeks. In the past two weeks, Joseph and I have gotten food poisoning, said goodbye to his Aunt Jan, I’ve sprained an ankle, we’ve been egged, we closed on selling his house, we’ve cleaned out his house and we got a call from the police department that 4 youths were arrested for trespassing at his house.
Needless to say, last night was the first time I had cooked in at least a week. We haven’t done a big shopping trip for groceries for two or three weeks, and both our eating has been sort of weird. Hopefully, with the closing on his house, our lives can get back to normal. I’m actually looking forward to it, a lot.
There have been some good times, in the past two weeks though. Charity sales with mom at Belk, day of Geocaching with Joe’s bros and their brood, getting our GA taxes back and subsequently paying a nice chunk on the car, and getting to hang out with lots of family in North Carolina (even if we were there for a sad reason). Additionally, since it’s been such an unusual couple of weeks, it’s really made me think about aspects of my life and along with a couple of things I’ve read, I’ve been ruminating on them. (More on that later)

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