Recharging at the Beach

I’ve been a little MIA recently. It’s because Joseph and I went to the beach to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. (The Leather One)

Specifically, we went to Daytona where we stayed in a condo on the beach. From Friday through the next Sunday (over a week), we were in glorious heaven.

During our stay, I creamed him in putt putt (no need to discuss the second game we played)

We ate at our favorite beach restaurant, Aunt Catfish (far too many times)

And, we loaded up on lots and lots of sunscreen.

Those ARE all empty (and SPF 50 or higher). I’m pale and I know how to keep from getting burned!

But between being a nauseatingly adorable couple who honestly love spending every moment together, (Seriously, we are annoying), I read, and wrote and just mused a lot about my life.

We took to walking the beach every night, whether it was on hunt for crabs (only found one!) or just to enjoy the beautiful weather and the ocean. We climbed the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, which is 18 stories. We jogged on the beach in the morning and we climbed up the stairs to our 9th floor condo. We were wonderfully and amazingly active. And it made me realize something.

I am far too complacent and far too lazy. I enjoy walking and being active but at the end of a long and tedious work day, I just want to come home and veg out. And I do, for hours on end, watching tv, reading or writing. Once I get home, I turn into a sloth. I cook dinner, clean it up and don’t move again.

It’s unacceptable. It’s pathetic. There wasn’t one time while I was at the beach where I thought “Oh, I’m missing a show, I need to go watch tv.”

I’ve made a couple of decisions, that I’ve not fully hammered out yet all my thoughts. But, I do know that I don’t want to become a sloth every night. I want to explore and move and be active. I want to hit that recommended 10k steps a day, every day. I want to be too busy living to watch tv.

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