Exercise {Vow}

I have this love/hate relationship with the working out. As is typical with a lot of people, when I get in a groove with working out, I do it a lot and enjoy it, but once I’m out of that groove it’s worse then pulling teeth.

I’ve been battling myself a lot lately with knowing that I need to work out and actually committing and doing it. I know I enjoy running but it’s hard to convince myself that when it’s time to actually to do it. I love being sore, but trying telling me that when I need to do some crunches (or worse burpees!)

But, I need to stop being lazy and spoiled and I need {NEED} to get active. I need to make a plan and actually commit. I need to make myself live up to my own standards. I enjoy feeling strong and trim. I enjoy pushing myself and accomplishing something I previously thought I couldn’t. I enjoy the rewards from working on myself and I need to constantly remind myself of that fact. {Constantly}

So, this is a public vow to myself, for others to keep me accountable to, to make working out a priority. To stick to the plans that I set for myself and stop coming up with excuses.

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