I Hate {the Dentist}

So, let’s be honest, how many people actually enjoy going to the dentist? I can remember when I was younger, elementary school age, and the dentist practically terrorized me. It was like I couldn’t floss well enough, I couldn’t brush to satisfaction. I remember the lectures I got for drinking too much soda (negative), only brushing right before going to the dentist (false) and the guilt I was given. It was like the dentist actually took the state of my teeth personally.

I can recall the times the dentist made me cry. I can recall the times I prayed to not have a cavity so I wouldn’t get the guilt trip. Every time the dentist came in to inspect my teeth and would make ominous sounds, I would cringe just waiting for the bomb to drop.

As an adult, I’ve mainly gotten over this fear. I mean, I think it’s ridiculous for anyone to make someone else feel bad for something that doesn’t effect them. And let’s not kid ourselves, my teeth hygiene does not actually effect my dentist no matter how much they may want me to think that. It helps that I get free laughing gas now. There is something wonderful about having your teeth cleaned while you limbs feel heavy and weighted down.

Today though, I got the best report from the dentist I’ve ever received:

“Typically, I have to deliver bad news, but not with you. You have beautiful teeth and amazing gums. I have no complaints.”

But, a little secret between you and I, when I scheduled Joe to go to the dentist at the same time as me, it wasn’t just to hold him accountable… It was to ensure I didn’t back out as well!

Now I have another six months to dread visiting the dentist.

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