{Lent} A Check In

So, when I decided to give up meat for Lent, I actually thought it would be a challenge. I can remember when we were teenagers and my sister was practically a non-meat eater and I always thought it was so pointless. I always assumed I was a meat and potatoes kind of gal, and I generally had some sort of meat with every meal. My dog is named Bacon, clearly I love eating meat.

It’s been two weeks, I think? It’s been smooth sailing. As it turns out, not eating meat is super easy for me. The most challenging time I’ve had with it is when we were up in Cherokee, North Carolina and trying to find a place that I could eat. The first restaurant we went too did not have a single thing I could eat, unless I wanted it deep fried.

I was worried when I began that not getting my normal protein source, and easiest to cook, that I would end up getting hungry. Turns out that when you eat tons of fruits and vegetables and add in some beans, you don’t really get hungry. In fact, if I may be so ballsy, I think I’ve actually had less of an appetite then usual. My grocery bill is also really fun. Instead of spending tons of money on chicken breast and ground beef, I’ve bought beans.

All in all, being vegetarian for the past two weeks has been super easy, a total cake walk. I feel like I’m defeating my point with Lent since it is so easy but I figure I’ll also stick it out. I wonder how much Joseph is liking his lack of meat, although he has found many opportunities to sneak it in.

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