I Love to Write

In fifth grade, we all had to write a short story as part of some competition. My story had something to do with a witch, or vampire or something. (Yeah, I was ahead of the curve) The cool thing was when my story was actually picked to represent the 5th grade for our school.

I think that is when the writing bug first bit and ever since then, I would write and write and write. Typically, when I wasn’t writing, I’d have my nose stuck in a book reading, a lot. The good thing about reading is it shows you two things:

1. What you aspire to write like.

2. Or, what you never want to write like.

The first thing can make you feel totally inept and the second thing makes you wonder “If they can get published, how hard can it be?”

I think Joseph is surprised sometimes, for how long I can just sit in front of a monitor and type out a story. He’d probably be even more surprised if I were to print out all the words I’ve ever written. I’m at the point that, no matter where I am, if I’m struck with a need to write, I have a way to do it. There’s an app for that (costly but worth it), I have a notebook in my purse and a netbook (Thank you God for giving me oddly tiny, childlike hands).

The best part is when a song comes on and it is practically begging for a story to be written, or I see someone who would make a great main character. I love when inspiration strikes because it opens up this world of possibilities where anything can happen. I never plan out my stories so half the time I’m just as surprised by what happens as someone would be if I let them read it. When I used to publish stuff and get comments, half the time the commenters would give me an idea of what direction to go next.

Perhaps that very reason is why I need to start sharing my writing. Feedback is a very important step in the writing process and one I am terrified to make. I have absolutely no idea of if my writing is good, bad or even mediocre and I’m scared of being told “Oh, that thing you love to do so much, well you suck at it.” I’ve never been good at putting myself out there, in any way shape or form. I’m just as shy in my writing as I am in real life.

Regardless, I love writing.

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One response to “I Love to Write

  1. Joseph

    You should put some of your writing on here, or at least link us up so we can see it

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