He Reads Cause He Cares

From a really early age, I’ve always enjoyed reading. When I was younger and in elementary school, I participated in Accelerated Reader where I got points for reading books (taking a test to prove I actually read it). In fourth grade, I kicked butt and got the most points in the whole school and won $100 which is a lot for a nine year old.

Needless to say, I love sticking my nose in a book and reading the day away. When I find a really good book, I get so enthralled that when it ends, I feel like I’ve lost really good friends. When the main character falls in love, so do I, when they are sad, I cry. Movies never live up to my expectations because I can imagine it so much better in my head.

One of the things that worried me when I first started dating Joe was because he was a self professed non-reader.


How are there non-readers in the world? What do you mean, you don’t read? It’s so wonderful and amazing. Nothing is better then that old book scent, the feel of well worn pages, a great book on a rainy day. Or a cold day. Or even a hot sunny day at the beach. I’ll read old books, new books, books in my Kindle app, stories never published anywhere but online but still amazing. There are books that are so great that I yearn to be able to write that well.

So, the idea of not being a reader is foreign. I’d read a book, he’d watch a football game (it’s how we survived our first football season).

But, then, using my womanly charm, I convinced him to read the first Harry Potter book. And as anyone who has enjoyed the first Harry Potter book can tell you, it’s a slippery slope to read all 4,182 pages (US, Hardback printed editions). And read he did, right up until he actually went to a midnight release of the last book and stayed up all night reading it.

There are a few other series that we’ve both read, but none that bonded us quite as well as Harry Potter. We went to the movies together, we played Harry Potter board games and we chatted and chatted and chatted about our shared love. Heck, we had red cats named Fred & George Weasley.

So, Joe reads well more than he used to, no doubt about that and I even would guess he enjoys it. So, I gave him a new challenge, although quite a bit easier. I’ve introduced the idea (forced him) of reading the Hunger Games. He’s read it all day today. He’s enjoying it. I can’t wait for him to finish it so that we can talk about it and I can go on and on and on about how amazing it is without spoiling it for him.

In a weird way, I think it’s makes me love him more because he doesn’t just share my interest he enjoys it. And what is sexier than a man who can enjoy a good book?



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2 responses to “He Reads Cause He Cares

  1. Andrea

    Wish I could get Matt to read. I have a similar love of reading and its strange to hear someone say they “don’t read”. I haven’t read Hunger Games yet but once I get a break from all my Old Testament class at school I’m planning to.

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