{Lent} Life as a Vegetarian

Lent is a popular time for many people to either give up or pick up a habit that will help them grow closer to God. Of course, for the many people that don’t really give God much thought, it’s a good time period for them to better their lives. For Christians who practice Lent, it’s a time of repentance, prayer and self-denial with the idea that you will need to rely on God to get through.

One year I gave up chocolate, successfully, for the full 40 days (+ Sundays because I was unaware that those, apparently, don’t count.) Another year I decided to give up cursing – failed miserably and read the Bible every day – another failure.

So, for the past few days I have been wracking my brain. Do I want to give up something? Do I want to pick up a habit? Sunday I committed to 40 Days In the Word with my church, so reading the Bible every day was a habit I was already being forced to pick up. And then, it hit me, something that would truly be hard for me to do. Something that would honestly be not only a sacrifice, but something I would need God’s help with.

I’ve decided to give up meat. Thank goodness for the fact that Sunday’s are cool, so if I really miss meat, I can have it then. But, I think I can survive without meat. The hardest thing is going to be keeping meals both interesting, delicious and nutritionally fulfilling. I know how to get enough protein in when eating meat, I mean, it’s pretty easy. But cut that out and I’m lost.

Thankfully, I’ve already gotten a wealth of websites for vegetarian eating.

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