Pantry Renovations

A few weeks ago, my sister in law pinned some awesome pantries. I had been avoiding my want to redo my pantry, but then I saw those and I was absolutely ruined. I really had no choice in the matter, it was no longer a want, but a need.

I hated so much about this pantry. I hated the wire shelves, the recycling taking up space, the bulky dog food bag, how nothing seemed to really look neat or fit well. It looked and felt all jumbled and it was just very blah. Considering my love for cooking, I really wanted to have a place I enjoyed to keep all my wonderful ingredients. And, I really hated the wire shelves!


Please, ignore the horrible paint splotches on the wall. We were testing paint colors, more about that later.

Here, we have a much neater and in love with pantry. Joseph, made and installed white, wooden shelves after I painted the walls a nice light gray. We went to home goods and picked up baskets to hold all my baking supplies, as well as the three baskets that hold pasta & pasta sauce, rice & bread crumbs, and breakfast foods (syrup, drink mix, PB, etc). There is a small green basket from home goods that holds snacks like Luna bars, chips & tuna and the dog food container on the floor is also from Home Goods.

We went to the Container store and got the wire shelves for onion & potatoes and the cans are on a riser so I can easily see everything I have. The dog treats on in a basket on the bottom shelf that I re-purposed from my old fruit bowl. All in all, this pantry is a lot more organized and neat, while also being attractive to the eyes. I have plans for the pantry door, both sides, but haven’t yet implemented them. I also might get Joseph to add a hook on either side of the walls to hang my aprons on.

All together, not too bad for an afternoon of work.

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