Valentine’s Day

So, I’m not sure anything annoys me more than hearing, “I love my {insert significant other} every day of the year, I don’t need a specific day to show them I love them.” It’s almost like there is this underlying judgement that if you choose to celebrate Valentine’s day, you clearly need a specific day to let your significant other know you love them.

1. You should treat your significant other well every day of the year.

Sure, from time to time you get in fights. You might hate them so much they are lucky you love them. They might grind on you every nerve, but if they are worth it, you treat them well every day of the year.

2. You should show your significant other you love them every day of the year.

Every day of the year you should go out of your way to show your love, whether in a minute and miniscule way or in a huge gesture every single day. Whether it’s making dinner, cleaning up after them or knowing enough to give them alone time, do something every day that makes them happier.

3. If you do 1 & 2 everyday, on occasion, to really blow them away, you need to step it up and make a gesture.

It’s a part of life, if you are awesome all the time, people are going to stop noticing. Therefore, you need to step it up on occasion and really put effort into showing your love. Some people choose to make the person they love feel special on Valentine’s day. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their significant other the rest of the year, it means they are making a specific effort to make them feel loved on a national holiday specifically created for that very purpose.

In fact, celebrating Valentine’s Day is akin to making your significant other’s birthday special, or making sure you get them a great Christmas present they would appreciate or bothering to remember all the other important dates, like an anniversary. So, unless it somehow makes you an inferior person, significant other or what have you to celebrate any other important date in the year, get over yourself and your anti-Valentines day superiority. If you don’t want to celebrate it that’s fine, but don’t act like those who do, don’t properly love their significant other the remainder of the year for stepping it up on February 14th.

What can I say? I love Valentine’s Day. I loved it when I was single and pretended to hate it and I love it as a married woman who gets to make my husband feel like a rockstar.

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